be nice to everyone; but be wary too.
Photo collage just because
12/10/14 after work
To the handful of friends who stood by my side even when I was at my worst, even when I do not pour out all of my heart’s contents to you, even when you just do not or cannot understand me at all sometimes, and even when I just have to be so difficult (I know, I’m sorry) at times. Thank you so much for being my friends.

You deserve every good thing in life and I am so blessed to have known each and every one of you.

Who needs more friends when one already has friends like you? I don’t need many friends, just a handful of wonderful, sweet and true ones.
I miss you.
And this wallpaper is so legit.
So pretty.
Trying to cure the sadness.
My face condition worsened after SK-II. This is day 4. It’s probably because
1. My skin is not used to the product yet
2. I’m allergic to SK-II

Let’s just see how it goes… I’m giving it 2 weeks.

*sigh* it’s horrible. I really want to stop right now as prior to this, I had no pimples on my face.Just had problems with oiliness and visibly large pores.

Now my face is even more oily. Worse still, now it’s breaking out. 😣

I hope this phase passes in two weeks.

I always stalk certain people on social media because I am curious @ nosy. Hahah… Sometimes I think I should stop and other times, I just feel like I have to know everything or anything about them. Lol.

This happens occasionally (like now), actually. I haven’t stalked people in months and now I’m starting again. Maybe it’s because you kind of miss people you used to know from time to time. Maybe it’s because you never stopped caring / being concerned for them even though they actually never really cared / knew about you.

That’s just how things are, sometimes. Sometimes the ones we truly care about don’t even know us.

10 things to be thankful for.

1. My boyfriend is back for the holidays.
2. I am on leave. Holiday, holiday!!😄
3. I had a great time with him today (or rather, yesterday because it’d already after 12 am) - we spent time together - he was writing while I was reading with the occasional joking and laughing at some random stuff. 😁
4. Everyone in my family is generally well. YES!! 😄😄
5. I have everything I need.
6. I am surrounded by really nice people 😊😊
7. I have money, hahah 😳 thank you, God, for your blessings.
8. I am healthy.
9. I have so many things to be happy about.
10. I have someone who does the chores at home. I really am so grateful for that because I suck at chores.

I love you
It’s 2.02 am, so it’s Monday, October the 6th.

And last night I went to the SK-II booth like I’ve been meaning to all the while. I got my skin checked and guess what? It’s 20 years old (I was using my Diane.3 pink sunblock at the time, so I can’t really be damned to trust the result a hundred percent. Anyway, I’m 23 years old)

I scored lowest on texture.
No surprise there… Considering how big my pores are and how prone to acne my skin is. I’ve stopped using Miyome for a few days now because I’ve run out of it and the pimples start to pop out, what the heck.

So, anyway… It’s day 1 of SK-II treatment essence (I bought the starter kit. The lady at the booth was very nice, I must say… The sweetest salesperson / promoter I’ve ever met)

I hope it works!
Let’s see in a few weeks time, yeah?
*fingers crossed!*
Me. This afternoon… While on a facial mask therapy. 😆😆😆

He was
The only one
Who played
A full song
With my
Made me smile
Broke me into pieces
Mended me
And now makes me
Laugh again

The best thing about broken hearts.