be nice to everyone; but be wary too.

Do you really love me or do you really love keeping me around?

There is a difference.

I don’t know how long I can survive with this ongoing winter inside.

I’m dying.
I’m dying.

And nobody can tell.


you don’t know what it means.


New poem, hope you like it xo Lang 
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I don’t know if

i’m still alive

with my dreams

or dead

with ashes in hand.

there are some things that you just cannot talk about no matter how they push it, no matter how it breaks you; because you just can’t find the words.

how can i talk about it without my heart breaking?

My heart is broken
into so many pieces;

and none are mine.

The One: 10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have

it is only right for me to have stopped telling you anything anymore. you have lost my trust. i am only sorry that you do not realize what you have done.

I’m exhausted from all this pain

but i can’t sleep from all this pain

Like my shadow

i’ve known him all my life

Like a curse

he’s a knot i can’t untie

I last saw you

many moons ago;

Again i saw you

my heart beats like the drums.

Selfless Love;

We are so undeserving.

i think i may need to deactivate and then delete my facebook.

because if i’m lied to, i don’t want to know.

i wish to be free. would death do the trick?