be nice to everyone; but be wary too.

I think these days I’ve been pretty bitch because I hate everything and everyone.

If you’re reading this, well let me tell you this; I don’t discriminate, so I hate you too.

Thank you for another beautiful morning, Lord.

So you would rather I pretend?

And that joke.
It wasn’t funny.

I don’t get yours.
You don’t get mine.

How funny.

Birds of a feather flock together. Well, I’m glad I’m not a chicken.

I’m a phoenix.

Oh yeah.

I need to start working on my dreams. I need to build them wings.

Goodbye. Selamat tinggal. Zai Jian. 
I wish I don’t have to cross paths with you again but that’s just impossible.

For now, at least. 


Sakit hatiku akan berkurangan. Amin!
The Toothbrush To The Bicycle Tire - Sarah Kay, No Matter The Wreckage
Love Poem #137 - Sarah Kay, No Matter The Wreckage

Ron’s back! 😆😆😆

Yesterday, actually (I say yesterday because it’s already after 12 now). Around 6 pm, I fetched him from the airport back to his home.

Met his lovable parents and youngest sister who made a fuss about going for tuition - she was reluctant to go, haha. Her excuse was, “Abang is back today. We should celebrate…” hahahahahaha 😁

I had to go back early because it was pretty late and was really dark. Besides, it was a long way home from his house. How I wish I could just stay with him, by his side. 😞

So I went out and bought chicken thighs and this double chocolate cake mix. Hahahaha… I cut the chicken thighs up and marinated them. I plan on baking the cake in the morning. I hope I can wake up early tomorrow. 😙

Just want to give him a surprise. Well, he was pretty disappointed that I was busy and couldn’t call him. So, he went to bed first. Awwwww….

I hope he’ll cheer up when I see him again later. 😊😊😊

1. I didn’t change. I was always here for you.
2. Don’t go all Christian-y on me now.
3. Have you ever wondered why it happened before and why it’s happening now? Twice now, my friend. Twice.

Chung Huong decided that she didn’t like you anymore a long time ago. Now, well, I guess I’m still deciding… But it does seem like I dislike you a lot now.

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s okay. Mengadu dombalah kau sia. It’s all you ever know how to do anyway kan? Who wouldn’t pity you, you sweet innocent thing? You’re always the victim anyway.

It’s okay, babe.

I can do better. I’ll never be the victim.

I want to be bigger. I just want to let this go. Time will heal this pain, this anger will fade and one day, I will be unaffected. And on that day, I’ll forgive you wholly and sincerely.

I love me and my life too much to get fucked by you and your shit.

Well, then, I can probably turn you on. 😂 😂 😜😜

I feel like a femme fatale in a film noir.
It’s not a nice feeling.

You always know how to put a smile on my face. 😁 I mahal you too. 😆

What’s wrong with you Jo? I thought you were ready to forgive? This is not how it’s supposed to be.

It’s hard to face the person whom you were so close with before, a person who was like a sister to you after everything that has transpired.

The person who ruined what friendship meant to you, and the person who made you deactivate Facebook for sometime, the person who made you say, “I think I’m going to have to delete my Facebook, because if I’m lied to, I don’t want to know.”

The person who made you feel alienated. The person you trusted before. The person you cared about. The person you no longer want to have anything to do with.

Well, Idk why everything sounds like an oxymoron.

I need to learn how to let go.

Well, I thought dishonest and self-serving friendships were only for elementary and high school periods but I guess I was wrong.

It drags on into adulthood because try as hard as you might, you still trust the wrong people, eventually.

And I’m sick of people comparing me to you. I’m sick of people being unable to differentiate me from you. We might be somewhat similar but trust me, you’re no me and vice versa; and I have no intention to be.

I regret cherishing whatever that’s similar about us. I really do. Those things should have served as some warning signs for me but I was too blind to see.

And no, you’re not obtuse. You’re just very pretentious.